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IMG_2385.jpgIMG_2385.jpgCommonly Asked Questions and Answers

What kind of houses do you look for?

Homes that are owner-occupied and have been tastefully and respectfully restored or renovated.  Renovations do not have to be historic.   Entry to the home and the interior need to be free from fall-hazards and allow ease of mobility to and from.   Size or age of house is not a factor.

What will I need to do as a homeowner?

Make sure your home is ready on the day of the tour:  Unobstructed walkways both inside and out; free of clutter such as dirty dishes, unemptied trash; all valuables put away; areas you don’t want viewed blocked off;  treats provided by sponsors set out for visitors;  Provide 2 docents in 2 shifts (Noon – 2:30 and 2:30 – 5:00)  for each floor of you are showing.

Who can come into my house?  Only ticket purchases can enter your home.  The LHA will post docents at your door to make sure no one without a tour book can enter.

Do I have to put my whole house on the tour? No – only the areas you wish to show.

What about treats for visitors? You are welcome to provide a treat.  The LHA and members of the community also provide small treats and finger foods.

Can I show before and after pictures?  Yes, in fact we hope you do.

Contact the Lawerenceville Hospitality Association at for more information or to schedule a visit